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60% OFF Defect & Overstock Prints


We ship all of our products WORLDWIDE but this website only allows purchases for the US & Canada at this time. 

For more information about our products please visit our FAQs page or email photopropfloors@gmail.com with questions.

Overstock/Defect *MEGA SALE* Largest discount EVER: 60% OFF!


-The defects & overstock we have photographed are SO FAR are posted on our website.

-The website is for *US & CANADA ONLY.* Other international orders must be emailed to photopropfloors@gmail.com. There are only ONE of design each available per website listing so if you need to email your order in - there may be a possibility the design will be sold out.

-Please be tolerant with us: *SOMETIMES* in high demand sales like this the website CAN be extremely glitchy! Which means that we have seen the site OVERSELL stock that we --DO NOT HAVE---. If this happens - the very first person to order that item will get the backdrop - anyone else will get an email letting them know what happened and a refund. This is the only thing we can do in this situation - again sorry!

- Over stock are just extra prints we have - they are don't have defects on them. Pay attention to material and sizes listed.

-MOST of the items listed are shipping from NJ, and a couple from Kansas or Colorado. We cannot combine these defect/overstock items with materials that ship from other locations. If you add anything else to your cart that is from another location without checking off the proper shipping option beneath the item - we will notify you and bill you the extra shipping. VINYL 52" & 61" and POLY PAPER 60" ship from NJ ONLY! Vinyl 8 foot wide and larger ships from Kansas.

We have been storing a LARGE number of defects while trying to organize them. If your vinyl drop comes with any kind of wrinkles or dents from storage; simply lay it flat outside in the sun and the wrinkles will melt away. If that doesn't work for you, simply, roll it around the outside of the tube it shipped in and leave it in a warm place. Last option, you can put a towel over the vinyl and use an iron (just be sure not to touch the vinyl directly). If you have a heat gun - they work wonders as well.

-DISCOUNT CODE to use a checkout: 60DEAL
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On Location 4 (Defects) PolyPaper - 60
$99.00  $69.00
Panel 15 (Defects) PolyPaper 60x7FT
$99.00  $59.00
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