All Wrapped Up 8x10 Polyester Material (Horizontal Design)

All Wrapped Up 8x10 Polyester Material (Horizontal Design)
Backdrops & Floordrops

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When placing orders for custom prints it is critical that you read all of the details, below, carefully before ordering. Backdrops and floordrops are not exchangeable or returnable.

Choosing your backdrop or floordrop size:
We often get asked what size is recommended. We suggest taking measurements of your available space to decide what will best work for your needs. Click on the drop down above that says "Choose Your Material" to browse all of the sizes and materials we offer for purchase.

Materials Offered

We offer the highest quality backdrops/floordrops on the market in a wide range of variety of materials for you to choose from. Keep in mind that our custom printed backdrops and floordrops are not returnable or exchangeable so we strongly suggest that you review the information and images for each material in detail before making your selection.

Polyester Fabric Material 

The material is an wrinkle free polyester with a 2" pole pocket included on the shorter side (except where noted in parenthesis in the size selection drop down). The polyester backdrops can be hung up easily from your backdrop stand with the pole pocket, using clamps, or tack it to your wall. They are perfect for in-studio or on-location because of their extreme portability! The material is low maintenance and durable. Simply toss them to the side without worry of creasing during shoots, allowing you to move from one set up to another quickly! Fold them in between uses to save you tons of space! It has a 100% Matte finish and is 100% NON GLARE in ANY lighting condition.

We recommend spot cleaning the material. If you find slight wrinkles present in the fabric from the shipping process; simply toss them in the dryer on low heat and the wrinkles will disappear.

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