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Materials Offered:

We offer the highest quality backdrops/floordrops on the market in a wide range of variety of materials for you to choose from. The material that you choose will depend on your individual needs. Keep in mind that our custom printed backdrops and floordrops are not returnable or exchangeable so we strongly suggest that you review the information and images for each material in detail before making your selection.

Please note that each material, highlighted below, has it's own unique characteristics.  Each material will produce a different result based on the material that it is printed on.  Please keep this in mind if you are ordering 2 of the same design on 2 different materials that you would like to use together.  Two prints on two different materials will not have the same final look. 

Please review our detailed "Materials Overview" here: http://www.backdropsandfloors.com/Material-Overview_ep_55.html

Fleece Material:


Stretch Material:


Polyester Material:


ECO-Polyester Material:


Sweatshirt Material:


Vinyl (left) versus Poly Paper (right):

Poly Paper & Vinyl Behind the Scenes: