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Maternity Gowns

PLEASE NOTE:  Items in this section have a turn around time of AT LEAST 3 WEEKS

If production time is at the full 3 weeks the items will ship the following business day (Tues-Sat).

We ship all of our products WORLDWIDE but this website only allows purchases for the US at this time. For all other international orders please email photopropfloors@gmail.com

For more information about our products please visit our FAQs page or email photopropfloors@gmail.com with questions.

Our Maternity clothing/gowns are simple and classic while flattering the pregnant form. The fabrics used work well with reflecting light and draping a woman's shape. We have found that Mamas really appreciate when studios have a variety of Maternity gowns to choose from and clothing is not something they need to think about when coming to their session. 

General sizing guides: 

Petite 0 - 5 
Average 6 - 10 
Plus 12 - 14