I had a customer ask for a specific type of smash cake session.  I didn't have the backdrop and I reached out to multiple backdrop companies to see who could accommodate the rush.  Only Jennifer responded that she could match my rush and explained which sizes and material would be best to meet my deadline.  She helped me pick out the backdrop and the floor that would match what my client wanted.  She also created a custom invoice for me to pay that included the rush shipping making sure that the order would be placed in the rush I needed.  I ended up getting my backdrop and floor in time and my customer was ecstatic with the set.  Very happy for the effort that Jennifer put in for me.  The Vinyl floors also work great for cake smash so I'm ordering more. 

Adriana Spetter

Blessed Moments Photography



Just wanted to share how much I absolutely LOVE the fleece backdrop material! It is one of the first backdrops I've had that has been completely wrinkle free and easy to store. Thank you so much for your quality products.

Lenae King

Bought another drop!! I've decided yours is always the best quality!!!!

Lisa Reardon

I'm so happy that I found Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, I have never had a product that I'm so happy with. I ordered one backdrop to see how I would like it and now have 4 more on the way. They hang perfectly for me, I got so tired of trying to hang a wrinkled muslin, with this product you don't have to worry about wrinkles at all. Their service is prompt and wonderful. I would greatly recommend them! Thank you so much for coming up with this product!


Jennifer Toth 
Jennifer Toth Photography



These floors and backgrounds have been a God send to my business. Finding floors or making them is expensive, time consuming and heavy. These are perfect for using as floors or backdrops. I have 6 that I purchased and will be purchasing more in the future. It gives my business a uniqueness that is needed in this industry. One of the other advantages is that they are portable. I do alot of shoots in my hometown, 70 miles from my studio and I am able to take them with me. Great value and product!


Sheryl Clark

Sheryl Clark Photography


I can't say enough good things about both the product and the customer service this company offers. I've ordered from them multiple times now and each time I have been thrilled with the experience from start to finish. These backdrops offer me and my clients an easy way to quickly change things up during a session and really make the shots unique and fun. I have clients that request certain backdrops the minute they come in the door!  


As for customer service, it's 2nd to none. Questions are always answered very quickly and shipping times are more than reasonable considering the amount of product they ship out weekly.

Thanks so much for a great product and just for being awesome :)


Stacy Hayward

Stacy's Creations Photography



The floors and backdrops are wonderful because they are easy to use, clean and store. They are such fun alternatives to the basic colors you would use. There service is AMAZING! Very quick responses and fair with the shipping prices! They shipped my order all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska and charged me just what it would cost them. That is something that very rarely happens for people living here. I will definitely order from them again! Just plain lovely to do business with! 


Monica Eusebio Photography

I don't even know where to begin.  When I first came across this product I feel in love!  The possibilities with the product are endless.  There are so many wonderful designs to choose from, no matter what your photography style. I have used my backdrop for almost every session, even if I don't use the side with the "design" on it, I always have a high key backdrop with me that is so easy to use, and this is an absolute must for me.  I have a portable studio, so I am always on the go with my supplies, and to have a backdrop that is so easy to transport, and doesn't wrinkle is a must. I can transport several rolled up in one tube, and they store so nicely.  Easy to wipe clean when I am done with my sessions, and they are always ready to go when I am. I love how sturdy the material is, I often photograph children, and kids can be rough.  The product is holding up well.  At first I had to get used to the lighting and how to avoid glare, but I have found feathering works well.  sometimes just making sure the drop is at a good angle vs. your light source.  Jennifer has been wonderful to work with.  She always answers my questions quickly and seems to really care about her clients, not something you find very often. 


Amber Hardman


You can not find a better quality and affordable option for flooring and backdrops for your photography studio needs! I have been so impressed with the speed of production & variety of styles! I don't know how PhotoProp Floors-Backdrops does it, but they do the BEST job of providing photographers with a portable product that is fantastic looking! Thank you PPF&B!!! Love your stuff!    


Heather McCullah    


Jen, I love your backdrops, they are bright, easy to handle and clean and add that added sparkle to any photo, they are so affordable I even ordered them from Australia! Your service was prompt and nothing was too difficult for you. I have had nothing but comments and compliments about photos using your backdrops I only wish I had unlimited funds to order more - or that you would open a division here!


Cheers, Sharon Rodgers

Aveley Photography


I love Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops! I currently own 6 different floors/backdrops. The backdrops are lightweight, easy to move and my clients really like them. Their customer service is another reason that I really love the company! I've always gotten prompt, courteous and professional service.


Dawn Howeth

Picture This By Dawn



I really love PhotoPropFloor and Backdrops! The customer service is awesome. Jen is so prompt when she responds, the quality and selection is awesome! Just when you think that there couldn't possibly be anymore backdrops, another one is introduced. I love the durability of the product. I also love how easy to clean it is. These floor and backdrops are such a Godsend!


Julie Lawson

Julie Lawson Photography


Photo Prop Floors-Backdrops is truly amazing. The product is amazing, durable and easy to use. They have great customer service and are very prompt in responding to questions! I placed my order and received the best customer service. Also they are constantly posting new styles of floors and back drops. I will be a long time customer. Thanks for the amazing service!!!!!


Candi Coated Photography


I really LOVE what I've ordered from you and will definitely be ordering more. These are the greatest invention ever! I hate messing with the wrinkles in muslins and the canvas are big, heavy and expensive. I can switch these out so quickly and they photograph awesome! Thank you!


Jennifer Frechin


I am a photographer, and I have been building my skills and a debt free business for nearly 8 years now. For years I searched high and low trying to find quality, unique backdrops, something beyond the typical muslin cheesy-ness... but to no avail... So I build my own backdrops using wallpapers, baseboards, thin wood and hinges... or expensive fabrics. Until one day a few months ago when I was on Facebook, and for once Facebook usefully suggested that I become friends with someone: PhotoProp Floors-Backdrops. Oh what a joyous day! I could barely sit on my chair while browsing through the backdrops that were available! Jen Rinaldi is the owner of said backdrop business. She had wonderful communication and handled my order very professionally. Everything was created with the best quality, and shipped in a very timely manner. I receive so many complements from the portraits I take using Jen's products! I will definitely be ordering more backdrops and floors from her, and I am ever grateful!


Amanda Thomas


As a growing business and owner of McDonald Photography, I found that I needed a little refreshing of my backgrounds/floor offerings. After looking at different sites and comparing prices and products, I was delighted to find that PhotoProp Floors-Backdrops had the best selection as well as price! Jen was wonderful and immediately answered my questions. When I was ready to order, it was a simple, easy process. I was so anxious to get my selections, and so excited when they came a short time after ordering. The product itself is amazing! Such quality! From initial conversations to final implementation, Photo-Prop Floors-Backdrops has been a pleasure to work with. I consider them an excellent resource for continuous photographic advances and opportunities.



Jennifer McDonald



Niki Manning Photography thinks that Photo Prop Floors & Backdrop's customer service ROCKS. They have gone above and beyond and I just want everybody to know that that is what makes a business stand out above the rest~SUPERB customer service!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Niki Manning


I found PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops on Facebook and ordered immediately! I am currently the proud owner of FOUR of the backdrop/floors and use at least one of them in every shoot I do! They photograph well, very 3 dimensionally and are easy to store. I photograph a ton of babies on them and they hold up to alot of 'stuff' the babies put out! I have had the one floor for almost a year and there are no scuffs on it at all! Customer service is awesome and they ship in a timely manner! Keep up the great work gals! Love the "new" blog too! Caroline 


Caroline Sullivan

Creative Photos by Caroline


Love the backdrops! I had my items in hand just a couple days after ordering! Talk about promptness! Will definitely order from again in the future!


Christina Houser


After attending many trade shows trying to save for that awesome drop I stumbled across photoprops and fell in love. their drops are so unique and floors are amazing. so easy to work with and very well priced.. Can afford to ahve many varieties... since investing in photoprops my buisness has increased so much, this is the 2010-2011 style clients are looking for that are so professsional...Thanks


Danielle Jones

Snapshots of a Memory by Danielle



What makes a good company? Is it the quality of the product? The price of the product? The customer service? Customer relations? Shipping time? Wait time? If you answered all of the above, then you'd be right and this is exactly why I love PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops.


The Quality of the product is superb, super easy to clean which is great for whenever you need to photograph children, just wipe it down or sweep it off and you're set for the next time. They are sturdy, and photograph fantastically, the wood floors look real in pictures and there's no glare when natural light hits the backdrops when they hang - which has been a problem with other printed backdrops I've had. 


The price - let's face it, you can't beat it unless you're buying a terrible quality backdrop that is much smaller. 


Customer Service - best customer service ever. They promptly answer any and all questions I've had, most of the time within a couple of minutes. 


Customer relations - what makes you love a company? It's usually the customer relations, when people get involved and talk to you as if you are a person and not just another dollar in their bank account. They have a wonderful team of people all working together to make it the most personal, uncomplicated purchase you can have.


Shipping time - fast, usually get it in a couple of days. 


Wait time - during their busy time of the year it might take up to 3 weeks to get a backdrop, but usually the wait time in total (including shipping) is about a week, and even when waiting 3 weeks it's still worth it. They update you on your order status which is always a nice little touch. 


So if you are on the fence about who to order from, don't be - order from these guys because they are the best and you have unlimited options and choices. From the hundreds of pre-made drops to being able to order a custom drop just for you, they just can't be beat.


Cherise McClimans-photography



I am so thankful for your company. It is amazing. The selection is amazing and so good. I LOVE the ones I got from you already. Never ordering from any body else again.


Photography by Alexandra Delatorre



I have backdrops from several different vendors.  Yours are the best!  Thick, long-wearing and made from the highest quality.  Thanks for making a great product!

Angie Clayson Photography

I will be sad to know when the Review tab has been taken down via FB, this is where I come to truly find the integrity of a company.  I don't like when it comes to the 5 stars for this company.  Their customer service is exceptional and products are shipped with the utmost care and speed.  The quality of these drops is superb and price is very reasonable.  I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Michelle Renee

I have to say you guys rock.  I just ordered from you guys yesterday and I already got my UPS notification that it's going to be here Nov 1st.  I ordered a couple backdrops from somewhere else on October 2nd and I still don't have an estimated delivery.  =(

Amanda Snead

I placed an order on Saturday.  Come Wednesday I still hadn't heard anything or received an invoice so I posted on the wall.  I received a response quickly stating that my email went to spam, within minutes I had an invoice that was marked "Rush Order."  At the end of the day I received another email stating that my order was picked up by UPS for shipping.  I JUST received it moments ago, the very next day from them finding my email and couldn't be more thrilled!  Thank you for AMAZING customer service and for rushing this to me so quickly!  I will order more in the very near future!!!!

Jenn Ciuchta

I LOVE Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops!  I use their backdrops at every shoot and I can't complain.  Their prices are reasonable and the quality of the backdrops are amazing!  You can't beat it!  :)  I will be back for sure!  :)

Tiny Feet Photography

I LOVE PPF&B!!!  I love, love, love the 3 floors and 2 backdrops I have!  They are easy to wash and they photography amazing!  PPF&B is always quick to respond to emails. and they are the MOST generous vendor I have seen on fb...they are involved in so many giveaways, and I am sure their fans will agree, that we appreciate this generosity. :)

Natasha Nicholson

I have three Photo Prop Floors/Backdrops and I LOVE them!  They are easy to use, durable and amazingly realistic!  It has taken my studio photography to a new level...at an affordable price!  I LOVE PPFB!!!!

Tina Stephens

I absolutely LOVE all four of my backdrops and my floor!  They are beautiful and durable.  My client picked up my tube upside down with no lid and the slammed into a snow bank.  I wiped them off and had a wonderful shoot!

Jen Hester

I LOVE my new backdrops!  I have only had them for 1 week and already utilized my barn wood floor for a clients product shots.  They turned out awesome! I know these will be a HUGE hit!  Thank you so much for a great product and I look forward to ordering more in the future!

Bonnie V. Photography

I love the awesome backdrops.  They are my go-to for most newborn sessions.  Clients request them and they offer many options that would never be available without the portability and easy storage.  The customer service is great and I can't wait to order for next Valentines Day! 

Summer Adams

I love the backdrops I got from you.  So many ways to use them.  I have used them for newborns and toddlers sessions.  They are easy for storage too.  I have lots of parents who are liking the new photos with the background.  I will be ordering more of them from you.  ;)

Erica Mikkonen Plaquin

If you have a customer review of our products & service to include on this page please email us at [email protected].