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Established in 2010, Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops is the inventor of custom printed backdrops, Newborn Mini Drops, Printed Newborn Posing Fabrics. Featuring thousands of unique backdrop and floordrop designs from noted photographers and designers, all designs are available to be printed on your choice of high quality materials to fit your specific studio needs including stretch, fleece, polyester, sweatshirt fabric as well as vinyl, poly paper, or non-skid floormats. We have everything you need for studio photography!

- Backdrop/Floordrop Industry Pioneer & Leader
- Thousands of designs from noted designers
- Best quality materials on the market - 8 types to choose from!
- Also offering Matte Seamless Fabrics, Sequin Fabrics, and Posing Fabrics
- Easy ordering and lightning fast turnaround
- Loyal Customer Rewards Program
- Superior Customer Service
- World Class Vendor Partners

How to order Backdrops & Props:

  • U.S. CUSTOMERS (not including Alaska or Hawaii): All items (backdrops & floordrops) are available for order via this website.

  • CANADA CUSTOMERS: All items (backdrops & floordrops) on this site are available for order via this website.

  • ALL OTHER INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, as well as Alaska, Hawaii & APO/FPO: Please email [email protected] so we can add your country to our site for ordering or invoice you via PayPal.

Materials Offered:

We offer the highest quality backdrops/floordrops on the market in a wide range of variety of materials for you to choose from. The material that you choose will depend on your individual needs. Keep in mind that our custom printed backdrops and floordrops are not returnable or exchangeable so we strongly suggest that you review the information and images for each material in detail before making your selection.

Please note that each material, highlighted below, has it's own unique characteristics.  Each material will produce a different result based on the material that it is printed on.  Please keep this in mind if you are ordering 2 of the same design on 2 different materials that you would like to use together.  Two prints on two different materials will not have the same final look.  

Please reference our detailed overview of all our printed materials by clicking HERE

What REMINDERS should I be aware of regarding backdrops & floordrops before purchasing?

Please review the design listings on our website carefully. Before you check-out you have the opportunity to re-review your order once again. Once an order has been submitted to the printer it cannot be cancelled. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

  • We often get asked what size is recommended.  We suggest taking measurements of your available space to decide what will best work for your needs, read the "Sizing" section below to understand how your design will print, and then reviewing the tips in our Materials Overview Page.
  • All computer monitors are not calibrated equally. We have made every effort to display (as accurately as possible) the colors and brightness/darkness of our floors & drops on our website but we cannot guarantee exact color matching. Due to monitor discrepancies, we cannot guarantee that your display will be accurate and your backdrop may look different then what you see on your screen. 

  • When looking at examples on our website of the backdrops/floordrops 'in use' by our customers please note that the look of those images will also vary based on the photographer's lighting conditions, white balance, and editing techniques. Please note that we cannot offer refunds or exchanges due to slight color variation as it should be expected with printed products.

  • Depending upon the material chosen color results can also vary based on the print process for each material.    Please note that we cannot offer refunds or exchanges due to slight color variation as it should be expected with printed products.  
  • If you order a non-skid floormat please be aware that they can arrive with a rubber odor.  We suggest hanging the mat outside with the rubber side in direct sunlight for as many hours as possible.  Solar heat causes rubber to release the odor (also referred to as outgassing). The smell will dissipate. To help speed up the process you can spray a neutral pH cleaner such as Simple Green (or a mix of 50/50 water and apple cider vinegar or white vinegar) on the rubber backing and then allow the mat to thoroughly air dry in the sun.  You can also Febreeze the rubber as well.
  • Large format printing is meant to be used at a distance and is not intended to be viewed up close. Your backdrops are designed to be in the depth of field (DOF) at the proper distance from your subject (approximately 6 foot is the norm). If you have questions regarding about how this process works please email us at [email protected] (prior to placing your order).
  • Vinyl and Poly Paper backdrop/floordrops will arrive with a thick white border around the design to help protect the design in shipment (at no additional cost to you). You can use this area as a place to clamp your drops or if you prefer, you can simply remove the excess material with household scissors. Please note: based on how the printer feeds the large rolls of the material through the printer the white border will not always be perfectly symmetrical on all sides. This does not affect the the printed design in any way and has no bearing on the quality of the print. It is merely there to protect the design. 

  • Vinyl floors should be used on a completely flat & clean surface. They will not work with carpet unless something is used underneath like a sheet of wood, Plexiglas, etc.

  • ALWAYS use caution when placing any objects that are not soft on the surface of the Vinyl, Poly or Floormats to ensure you don't scratch the design! Keep in mind that this is a "printed" surface and is not impermeable to being scratched by dragged items/props across the floor/drop. We suggest you use protective pads on your props so that sharp edges are not rubbing against the drops. Always lift and move your props versus dragging them across the surface of the prop. *We are not responsible if you scratch your floor/drop.*

  • Vinyl, Poly or Floormats can be stored ROLLED or laid/hung flat to avoid creasing. Do not fold Vinyl, Poly or Floormats or they can crease.

  • Cake smashes on drops or floors are at your own risk. Vinyl coated canvas cleans up with a GENTLE application of warm soapy water but we suggest that you test darker-colored icing to ensure it will not stain the material.
  • Our drops work with Studio lighting or Natural lighting. Tips & Tricks for lighting can be found on our website HEREWe suggest you review this information if you new to using backdrops/floordrops.


The drop-down in the listings does *NOT* indicate a height and a width.  It only indicates the size of the material you are ordering.  The height and width are determined by the orientation of how the design is shown/advertised) in the listing.  The concept is very simple and the same exact process as you would use  for the photographs you print for your clients.  We elaborate on this in detail, below:
  • If the design is shown/advertised, in the listing, in a horizontal/landscape orientation then the design will print horizontal/landscape orientation.  If you ordered a horizontal/landscape oriented design in an 8x10 size it would print 8 Foot HIGH by 10 Foot WIDE.
  • If the design is shown/advertised in the listing in a vertically/portrait orientation then the design will print vertical/portrait orientation.  If you ordered a vertical/portrait oriented design in an 8x10 size it would print 8 Foot WIDE by 10 Foot HIGH.
If you are unsure if a design is horizontal or landscape please email us at [email protected] so we can help you.


Regular designs are typically shown, in each listing, in a 5 foot x 7 foot ratio/size.  The design you order will print exactly as you see it displayed in the listing unless you choose to order a larger or smaller size than the 5x7 ratio/illustrated sample. We elaborate on this in detail, below:

1) If you order a larger size than the illustrated 5 x 7 foot design: our design team will stretch the design to fit the width you choose (as long as it does not distort the design) or they will crop it appropriately to fit the larger dimension you selected.

2) If you order a smaller size than the illustrated 5 x 7 foot design: our design team will crop the design to fit the shorter size *OR* where we deem appropriate, the design can be shrunk to fit the smaller size you choose (many designs can easily work in a smaller format when re-sized/shrunken). We strive to make the best decision on how to resize the design to best fit the customer's needs.


1) If the boards run vertically/tall:  

Count the total number of planks illustrated in the design, take the width of the material you will be ordering (ex: 52 inches, 60 inches, 61 inches, 8 foot, etc) and divide the width of the material by the total amount of boards in the design.

For example: 8 foot width material (96 inches), divided by 10 planks of vertically-oriented wood in the design, will have planks that are approximately 9.6 inches wide.

2) If the boards run horizontally/wide: 

Count the total number of planks illustrated in the design, take the height of the material you will be ordering (ex: 5 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot, 10 foot, etc), divide the height of the material by the total amount of boards in the design.

For example: 7 foot height material (84 inches), divided by 8 planks of horizontally-orientated wood in the design, will have planks that are approximately 10.5 inches tall.

If you are unsure of what a design will look like in a different size than illustrated and you would like to see a proof before ordering please email us at [email protected].

Shipping Rebates/Fees:

  • Our site charges $29.99 standard for shipping to the USA. Fabrics (such as fleece/stretch/etc) may GET PARTIAL SHIPPING REFUND after checkout.
    Vinyl/Poly Paper/Floormat MAY HAVE A BALANCE DUE after checkout.  
    Extra shipping fees occur if you order: materials that ship from different locations, ordering more than (1) Floormat/Vinyl/Poly Paper in 1 transaction, or if you live outside of the USA.

  • Please note that if you checkout using Klarna (pay in four option), the much higher fees we must pay Klarna to process the transaction, will be deducted from any possible shipping refund/rebates you were due to receive.

Do you charge SALES TAX?

  • Yes, 6.625% sales tax will be added to New Jersey, USA residents.

What is the TURN AROUND TIME for order processing?

Printing time varies based on the material, size & volume of orders we receive per day. (with the exception of during AND immediately following our big sales -- when that time frame is put ON HOLD until we are able to fulfill all of the order backlog from the high volume).
  • Vinyl & Poly Paper: Turn around time is approximately 1-2 weeks (times are approximate so please leave ample time when ordering).

  • Fleece, Stretch, Eco-Poly, Sweatshirt, Polyester, Mini Drops, Mini Mats & Posing Fabrics: Turn around time is approximately 1-2 weeks (times are approximate so please leave ample time when ordering). 
  • Non-Skid Floormats: Turn around time is approximately 1-2 weeks (times are approximate so please leave ample time when ordering).  

  • Sequin Backdrops, Matte Fabrics: Turn around time is approximately 1-3 weeks (times are approximate so please leave ample time when ordering).
  • Digital downloads: Digital Downloads arrive in a link in your email immediately after purchase at the bottom of the paid receipt email (for US/Canada purchases from our website).


  • Shipping is based on weight and package size. We DO combine shipping for items that are shipped from the same location.

    We have set our shopping cart to collect the shipping for the materials that ship in larger/heavier containers (Vinyl, Poly Paper, or Non Skid Floormats).  Due to the fact that these materials must ship rolled, the shipping is more expensive.
    Our Soft fabrics (fleece, stretch, Eco Polyester, Sweatshirt & Polyester) ship folded in a box or bag and are usually less expensive to ship.  If your order only contains these materials you should get a partial shipping refund after checkout (depending upon the quantity and size ordered).

    Additionally, our shopping cart is unable to calculate the shipping for orders that contain a variety of backdrop and floordrop materials that ship from different locations/printers.  You may incur additional shipping fees that will be invoiced via Paypal (after checkout) for: 

    1) Orders that contain a mixture of different materials that ship from different locations/printers
    2) Orders that contain multiple Non Skid Floormats
    3) If you reside outside the USA where shipping fees may be higher than quoted.

    If you would like an exact shipping quote prior to ordering please: 

    1) Log into your account on our website
    2) Create you draft order in your cart
    3) Click "save for later"
    4) email [email protected] and request a shipping quote for your pending shopping cart.

    • US backdrop orders ship with USPS, UPS or Fedex.  Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO, & most international orders ship with USPS Priority Mail (insurance required) or UPS (depending upon what is less expensive). Our main goal is to save you money on shipping by using the least expensive method possible.

    • If If there is a loss or breakage in shipment we will be happy to issue a replacement item once the claims process is completed (see RETURN/EXCHANGE/DAMAGE/LOSS POLICY at the bottom of this page).

    • You must ensure the shipping address for all of your purchases with your PPF&B account through our website and PayPal is correct. 

      -If your package is returned to us for non-delivery/non-order acceptance you will be responsible for the additional shipping charges to re-send the package(s).
      -If your package is addressed, based on the information you provided us, but needs an address adjustment, with the carrier, you will be responsible for the additional shipping charges to re-send the package(s).

    • Customs, import duties, or quarantine/fumigation fees (for certain props, etc. depending upon country) may be applied to International orders when the shipment reaches its local customs destination. Such charges are the sole responsibility of the recipient of your order and vary from country to country. We do not have details on this information so please contact your local customs office for details. Shipping laws are different in each country.

    • We CANNOT guarantee the arrival of your shipment by a specific date. Unfortunately, once the package leaves our facilities we have absolutely no control over shipping delays that can hold up the arrival of your shipment. The delivery dates they provide on their tracking websites are "estimates" only. We suggest that you do not schedule your photo shoots based on the arrival of these items until you have physically received your products.

    • The UPS "Service Guarantee" does not apply to: UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.® Packages for Residential deliveries, Packages subject to a Large Package Surcharge or Additional Handling Fee, Shipments that are delayed due to causes beyond UPS’s control including, but not limited to: the unavailability or refusal of a person to accept Delivery of the Shipment, acts of God, natural disasters, war risks, acts of terrorism, acts of public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, acts or omissions of customs or similar authorities, authority of law, insufficient information provided by a customer, riots, strikes or other labor disputes, civil unrest, disruptions in national or local air or ground transportation networks (including, but not limited to, UPS’s transportation network), disruption or failure of communication and information systems, and adverse weather conditions, International Shipments for which the Shipper has selected the Receiver or Third Party as the payer of any applicable duties and taxes and Delivery is delayed until payment arrangements are made. UPS Ground Shipments or UPS® Standard Shipments that are picked up or scheduled to be delivered during the fourteen calendar days before December 25. If these terms apply to your package, and it is delayed, please note that UPS will not provide you a refund for the shipment. It is at the customer's own risk.

    • Priority Mail "Service Guarantee" Priority Mail is the United States Postal Service's standard air service. Packages usually arrive to their domestic destination within 1-3 business days. Transit times vary depending on how far the package has to be delivered from its origin. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed service. So there's no recourse if packages are delayed.  Estimated timing:  Domestic: 1-3 business days, International: 6-10 business days (depending on destination). Lost Claims: Priority Mail® Lost Claims cannot be filed for 15 days

    Packaging / What to do Once You Receive Your Printed Backdrop/Floordrop Order:

    • Your vinyl or poly paper floor or backdrop will arrive rolled inside of a heavy duty cardboard shipping tube that is great for storing the drops when not in use. If you experience any tightness in sliding your backdrops out of the tube, simply grab the corner of the inner-most backdrop and twist in the opposite direction of how they are rolled. Backdrops will loosen and slide out.  All other backdrops will be received in a box or bag.

      Customers are responsible for ensuring that all staples are out of the shipping tube before attempting to remove backdrops from the shipping tube. If you do not remove the staples you can scratch/damage the material and you will be responsible.
    • If your Vinyl backdrop drop shifts in the tube during shipment and the edges become wrinkled or creased just apply heat and the vinyl will smooth out or wrap the backdrop around the cardboard tube it was shipped in and secure the edges with a clip or rubber band. Leave it in a warm place and any wrinkles will come out. You can also cut the protective border off of the backdrop with household scissors, if you prefer.

    • Fabric backdrops may arrive in a poly bag or box.

    • Non-Skid Floormats may arrive in a heavy weight bag or box.

    • Once you receive your shipment we ask that you check your order within 48 hours of receipt of delivery.


    • All sales are FINAL.  Because of the custom nature of our product we DO NOT ACCEPT returns or exchanges on any of our products.  There are no exceptions to this policy.
    • Once an order has been put into production it cannot be canceled/refunded/exchanged. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

    • If there are damages/defects/incorrect item sent please review the following instructions:


    If your package is DAMAGED please email us at [email protected] within 48 hours of receipt of product. If you do not contact us within this time frame we reserve the right to deny an exchange of the damaged item.  We are always more than happy to correct any mistakes and send a pre-paid label to have the items returned to us.  

    When you email us 
    at [email protected] please include the following:
      • The details of the damage that will help with your insurance claim.

      • Photos of the damages.  Please include multiple angles of the damaged packaging, the packing materials, the shipping label on the package, multiple angles of the damage to the product. 

    • Please DO NOT discard packaging and packing material as it may need to be collected by the shipper for an inspection.

    • Please DO NOT use the defective products unless we instruct you to. 

    • We are not responsible for damage caused by not removing all staples from your backdrop shipping tube. You are responsible for ensuring they are removed before pulling the drops out of the tube.


    If your item is defective or an incorrect item was sent to you please email us at [email protected] within 48 hours of receipt of the product(s). If you do not contact us within this timeframe we reserve the right to deny an exchange of the defective/incorrect item.  We are always more than happy to correct any mistakes and send a pre-paid label to have the items returned to us.  

    If there is a defect, that was NOT caused by the mis-use of the item or damaging the item when packaging was opened - we will issue you an exchange for the same item and same material you originally ordered.  

    Human error is possible; although we do our best to inspect each order that is printed before it leaves our shop to ensure there are no defects.  Defects can be rips/tears/stains that cannot be washed upon arrival, as well as noticeable flaws in the print.   

    When you email us at [email protected] please include the following:

    • The details of the defect that will help us review the issue and find a proper resolution or provide you with any suggestions necessary.

    • Clear images of the defect (include multiple angles, if necessary, to clearly show the issue).   

    • If the issue is related to color: please photograph the backdrop in the proper lighting and email us quality images of the issue. Cell phone images taken in ambient lighting are not preferable to see any printing or color issues.  Please take the item to your shooting space and share properly lit images (as you would photograph the backdrop with your clients).

      Many times you will find that ambient lighting skewed your view of the print.  By taking photos of the print in your professional environment; you will find that the backdrop/floordrop has printed correctly.  


      Fabric Prints: Please note that some tiny flaws should be expected. Occasionally, tiny pieces of fuzz on the fabric dislodge after the backdrop or floodrop is printed and leave behind small unprinted/white spots.  

      If your print arrives with a small mark on it please note that it may not,  necessarily, be considered a defect.  Occasionally, there may be a mark transferred onto the print due to the busy work environment of our print house. We ask that you try to wash the print in the washing machine on a cold cycle to see if the spot comes out.  

      Vinyl:  Through compounding, where vinyl resin in the form of powder is mixed with multiple products, you’ll have the end result of vinyl.  Its actual consistency will depend on how it is manufactured.  Sometimes there are blemishes in the compound but they do not affect the quality of your print and how it will look when photographed.  They are not considered print defects. 

      • We are not responsible for damage caused by not removing all staples from your backdrop shipping tube. You are responsible for ensuring they are removed before pulling the drops out of the tube.


      • If your shipment does not arrive by the date estimated by the carrier please check the tracking number we've provided you to review the status of the package. 

      • If the package appears to be lost after the shipment has gone past the "estimated" arrival date by a few days please contact us and we would be happy to research the issue the best we can, and if necessary put a claim in with the shipping carrier if the package was insured. We only have a small window of time to place claims with UPS or USPS. If you fail to notify us within 48 hours in the case of damage or within a week after "estimated arrival" (should have taken place) for lost packages your goods may not be able to be replaced.

      • If you tracking shows the package has been delivered but you indicate that it has not been, we cannot reprint the order until the package is officially deemed lost with the carrier and an insurance claim has been paid to us.

      How do we contact you?

      Please email [email protected]  

      We are an internet-based business. Our strict policy is to work with our clients via email communication. Electronic messaging is extremely vital to our business model. Email allows us to review all questions, concerns, or comments in detail and respond the best way possible with all of the required information. It also helps us keep records of all transactions details.

      Are CUSTOM PRINTED ORDERS available?

      Yes, click here to order.

      Do you have a REWARDS PROGRAM?

      Click here to learn about our rewards program in more detail.

      Do you offer gift certificates?

      Yes, we offer gift certificates HERE.

      Please note: Gift certificates expire 6 months after issue date.

      Do you offer a New Customer/1st Time Buyer Discount?

      • Yes, we do! If you have never ordered from our company (via email order OR through this website) you are eligible to receive the discount. If you have ordered from our company before this discount does not apply and you will receive an invoice for the difference before your order will be processed.

        -To apply your discount:

        Create a new account
        HERE. Once you have signed up as a brand new customer with our company, have created your first order, and are ready to check out:  enter the one time use discount code "new10" for 10% off your 1st backdrop or floordrop order.

        PLEASE NOTE:
      -This coupon code is ONLY valid for our regular priced Vinyl, Poly Paper, Stretch, Fleece, Polyester, Eco Polyester, Sweatshirt Material, or our Non Skid Floormats.  The coupon does not include: custom drops, mini drops, posing fabric, combo deals, anything in our "fabric/sequins" section.  If you use the code for an invalid item we will need to send an invoice for the difference before your order will be processed.

      *Please note: This discount is not applicable after your purchase is submitted. It is only valid at the time of your first purchase and needs to be entered through the website to receive.  

      *Those outside the US & Canada:  You must mention this code in your order email so that it can be applied to your invoice.    


      This site contains © copyrighted materials and we strictly enforce the following:
      • Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited. Selling images using Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC's designs or ANY elements within the designs, in any other format (such as templates, websites, brochures, or as a digital backdrops) is prohibited. Any re-purposing or redistribution is illegal and is subject to prosecution.  You may not distribute, rent/lease or commercially exploit the content in any manner, nor may you transmit it or store electronic copies of the artwork or store it on any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system, whatsoever, without expressed written permission of Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC.
      Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC reserves the right to use tagged images from facebook on our website and in advertisements on facebook.

      © Copyright for all sample images remains with the photographer.
      © Copyright for all designs remains with Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC.
      © Copyright for our Baseboards designs remains with Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC