Please review these guidelines or you will lose the opportunity to be part of the tester program:


We ask that you please treat as as you would treat your own clients. We are providing you a monetary discount in exchange for QUALITY photographs of our products.

1) Please provide *PROFESSIONAL* quality images. This means:
  • Please provide properly lit images. No on-camera flash photography. Please have appropriate studio lighting (soft boxes, umbrellas, or a proper grasp on how to use natural lighting).

  • Proper white balance.

  • Sharp images, in focus, only.

2) The deadline for return of the images is within 7 days after the date of delivery. If you do not submit your images on time will be billed the difference in price for the backdrops you purchased. There are no exceptions.

*If you have a problem meeting that time frame due to an emergency email [email protected] immediately and we will be happy to help.
The turn around is approximately 3-10 business days (could be much sooner) from date of submission to the printer. The range in timing is based on volume of orders. We cannot guarantee the arrival of your tester backdrop shipment by a specific date and we cannot rush testers. We suggest that you do not schedule your model for their shoot until you know when your order is due to be delivered.

3) Please talk to your models prior to the shoot and come up with a plan of what the subject will wear to match the theme (ie. please don't just use anyone in random street clothes and have them stand-in "just to get us images on time").  We won't be able to use those images for advertising and you will need to reshoot.

4) Please use use appropriate props and accessories to enhance the scene (without covering too much of the design). Please put effort into the set-ups as you would for your clients. Please have the items ready when the backdrop arrives. We are unable to wait for matching props to arrive after the deadline.

5) You will use a human model. We are not looking for Pets as models *UNLESS* you are strictly a pet photographer.

6) Please contact us if you have a problem with your model. If you scheduled a shoot and it doesn't go well - please email us at [email protected] and let us know. We have all had this happen and we understand. We would rather have images we can use of a happy cooperative models versus crying or uncooperative models (which we will not be able to use and you will need to reshoot).

7) For our specific tester program we are asking you to photograph as much of the the entire backdrop (or) the entire floordrop as you possibly can. We have no need for close up shots of the models.  We are selling the backdrop with your images.
Please note: that non-typical crops are okay to get the whole backdrop in the final image.  We are not printing these images a portrait client would, so we don't need typical cropping. Please do not cut off the design in cropping.  

  • Please photograph the design horizontal if it is oriented horizontal.
  • Please photograph the design vertical if it is oriented vertical.
  • If the design is a texture or solid/semi-solid design you can photograph it whichever orientation you prefer.

8) If you are photographing a floordrop, please keep in mind that we cannot use the images to advertise if you pair our floordrop with another competitor's backdrop.

If you do not have one of our backdrops please photograph the floordrop in another manner such as: with a plain non-descript backdrop, with a solid color backdrop, with something such as sequins, or a plain pattern, photograph the floor planks as a backdrop, or from above showing as much of the floordrop as possible.

9) Please do not have your subject directly against of the backdrop! Proper distance for the model is 4-5 feet away from the backdrop to create a separation between the subject and the backdrop. The backdrop should be in the depth of field/bokeh.

10) Please perform any basic edits needed to the image(s). Pop the color if needed, sharpen, color correct, fix white balance issues - this is encouraged. Please DO NOT add any textures, vignettes, or actions that change the coloring of the image.

11) By participating in this program you understand that Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops will be permitted to use these images for advertising their products on various websites and all forms of social media.

12) Please check the email address you ordered with. This is where your:

1- where we send the tracking number for your package and
2- where we send any reminders about images due.

Everything listed in the FAQs applies to your tester purchase:

Please credit Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC Exclusive Customer Group when posting on social media. If you are posting in another photography group please feel free to refer others to our group.

Thank you for your interest!